How to reset DNS for domain registered at Cloudflare after moving to new host

In the past I have moved hosting for a domain registered outside of Cloudflare.

To reset all the DNS records, I deleted the domain name from Cloudflare.
Then I added the domain back, Cloudflare automatically update the DNS records for the new host.

However, I cannot delete the records of a domain that is registered at Cloudflare. Is there any way to get Cloudflare to scan the settings of the new host?

BTW I checked and the new host does not have the Cloudflare app on is Cpanel.



You are fortunate that your previous method of removing your site from Cloudflare worked at the time, as it is not the normal behavior. (You can find numerous topics describing that here in the Community.)

If you only need to change a few records, you can easily delete and add the records that you need to change or even just edit them.

If you need to remove a large amount of records, using the API is going to be more efficient. If you aren’t prepared to write your own API tools, you might find one of the ones listed in the DNS section of the following site suitable to your needs.

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Thanks for the tip, which I will use in future for any domain registered at Cloudflare. All sorted now :slight_smile:

By the way, deleting the profile of domains registered outside of Cloudflare and reinstalling them after you move to a new host still works. It is no different than deleting a domain name you no longer need and installing records for a new domain that you have just registered.


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