How to reset access for free account

Good afternoon:

Need to recover what is most likely a free Cloudflare account, but not sure of the email currently used for login. I see that free accounts only have community level support, so I cannot call. I searched earlier and have sent an email to support [at] cloudflare [.com], but also reaching out to see if there is another approach someone may know of.



If you have control of the domain via the registrar, you may re-add it on a new account. If you don’t know the email behind the account, Cloudflare will not divulge it to anyone as doing so would be bad for confidentiality and would open CF up to social engineering attacks.

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Thanks Judge:

We got lucky. Somebody had a clue that led us to the person who had reset the email and not shared it w/ anyone.

I got a reply from CF support saying the only real option was to create a new account and attempt a move domain. Was no mention if this also moved existing records or settings.

Can’t fault anyone for being mindful of security these days. Shame the actions of a few have made it so painful for the rest of us.


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