How to request an IP address be un-blocked for a website

The FL State Bar is going through CF’s servers, and CF is blocking an IP address belonging to Microsoft.

Are you referring to Which IP address exactly is blocked?

However there wont be a manual way to unblock it. You simply have to make sure any issues with that IP address have been rectified and then wait until Cloudflare clears that.

Also, what kind of block? An outright block or a challenge? Can you post a screenshot?

Here’s the verbiage:

The owner of this website ( )
has banned your IP address (

Cloudflare Ray ID: 549c77dd6bde9617 • Your IP: • Performance & security by Cloudflare (

They would have to adjust their Cloudflare settings and/or whitelist that address. Cloudflare can’t change their settings.

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:wave: @user4453,

You will need to contact the Florida bar and ask them to allow traffic from that IP. They control the access to their systems and restrictions placed upon it.

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That is an issue you need to take up with the owner of the site. They actively blocked that, nothing Cloudflare can do here.

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