How to Report that used to phshing website and used to spearphishing

I always report to abuse cloudflare but still no action. Where if we want to report abuse from free service?

Reporting sites, regardless whichever reason you may have, won’t be something that the Cloudflare Community can assist you with.

I will therefore suggest you to use this form, to report the it to the Trust and Safety team, if you believe there are anything that the Cloudflare Trust and Safety team can, or should be able to do about it:

The above form is the only way.

Depending on the age of the case, it could be that the Trust and Safety team are heavily overloaded these days.

However, as I haven’t seen the specific reports you indicate you’ve sent (and it isn’t really relevant for the Cloudflare Community either), so I would also like to add the possibility that your report might not have been crystal clear enough to warrant any actions, according to the person/people handling it.

All that being said, the Cloudflare Community cannot do anything here.

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