How To Report Bad Routing?

After the recent Cloudflare “issues”, it appears that in some places and for some IP blocks, some really weird routings have been pushed out. Here is an example (with the first couple of hops removed for privacy):
4 2ms 2ms 2ms TTL:252
5 183ms * 184ms TTL:249
6 183ms 184ms 184ms TTL:248
7 183ms 183ms 184ms TTL:247
8 189ms 190ms 191ms TTL:244
9 No Response * * *
10 193ms 189ms 190ms TTL:246
11 192ms 189ms 191ms TTL:246
12 189ms 188ms 189ms TTL: 54

Basically, instead of getting routed locally, which is normally a very short route (example to

4 2ms 2ms 2ms TTL:252
5 30ms 9ms 4ms TTL:251
6 2ms 2ms 3ms TTL: 59 (

I looked into it, and for some reason the entire block is routing from Asia all the way to Germany, and apparently using a very, very weak line that cannot handle much traffic (I get plenty of dropped packets, I suspect the link is overloaded).

I cannot find a simple way to contact Cloudflare to report this. I can do a report in my account, but that is generally related to a domain - and this is not. This is a general problem. Is there any direct way to contact a NOC or Network engineer?

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