How to report a website potentially hosted on cloudflare?

Hello, my name is Achi.

Let me tell you my issue. Last night, I accepted a friend invite from a person I didn’t know out of pure kindness, he/she then sent me a link to a website which is ( I made the stupid mistake of trying to log in there, then later on got my account stolen, which I really regret and curse myself at right now, but hey, its just an account anyways. So my problem here isn’t only that, but I checked on a website on the details of the said website, then found cloudflare having something to do with it. I’m not a pro at this, but I think the phishing website was hosted on cloudflare (correct me if I am wrong, I am a novice at this topic and such.)

Any form of help is greatly appreciated.

You can report phishing websites at Abuse approach - Cloudflare. If this site defrauded you of money or anything like that, you should also contact your local authorities.

But note that Cloudflare isn’t a hosting company, they only provide DDOS protection for free.

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Thank you for the information, I think this answers my question well.

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