How to report a stuck website to Cloudflare?

It’s not my website. It’s a site called Grayson Lane dot com. The “error” page that pops up diagnoses it as “Cloudflare,” and identifies the website as the problem (not me, and not Cloudflare). The company posts NO phone number and no email address, so the only way to contact them as a user is to fill in their online form, which is STUCK.

Here at Cloudflare too, there is no direct email or phone number available to users, so I’m hoping someone here in “community” knows how to let Cloudflare know, so they can let “Grayson Lane OUtlet” know. This problem did not resolve “in minutes,” as they are always expected to. It’s been at least 24 hours (probably more; i’m just referring to when I started trying to access it…).

“Stuck”? If this is the site, it’s working for me.

That looks like a WIX site.

Thank you for responding. Yes, that is the site.
the pic i get is this (screenshot below)—which tells me that the error is with the “host,” i.e., Grayson Lane Outlet Store. This is why I thought their provider would want to contact them to let them know, since I can’t.

Since it works for you…well, I don’t know what to say other than that it must be problem that only affects some geographic areas??

In any case, do you know how to let Cloudfare know?

This isn’t Cloudflare’s resposibility to track users’ websites for errors. The user should keep an eye on their stuff and work to address any issues. Or you can give Grayson Lane a phone call and let them know.

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LOL! that’s why I said twice there is no phone number! The “user” is not me. It’s Grayson Lane, for whom there is (astoundingly!) no phone number! I’ve googled the ■■■■ out of it. Nothing.

you’ll notice in the screenshot that I sent to you that it says to contact Cloudflare for more information? And gives an Error number?

I’ll stop trying to help.

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