How to report a site that is abusing CloudFlare?

According to my research, there are countless websites that are abusing Cloudflare cache to stream videos. They use Player and a bunch of HTML files to bypass Cloudflare’s abuse protection system. Because Cloudflare automatically cached HTML file and is completely free, they do not need to register for Cloudflare’s streaming services, bypassing the 500MB cache limit to be able to stream videos up to several Gigabytes in size.
How do I report these sites to Cloudflare? Or do they not care? Because the site has been stable for 6 years thanks to abusing Cloudflare’s cache system.

You can submit abuse reports to Cloudflare at

not sure if they will handle this type of violation, as their abuse report page doesn’t have any options related to this

They don’t have the option to report a site that abuses their system

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