How to report a scam abuse using https:// of cloudflare


I would like to report a site abusing the ssl certificate of cloudflare where they are setup as a Crypto exchange, I have a website where people may report scams and fraudulent websites or developers where we investigate and check the information received.
This one particular site I reported to Trent Micro (Partner) and they flagged it, I note that Cloudflare may also be flagging it, but then it could be the way I have set up my pc,
but to this I consider a good warning that websites with https:// certificates are still not 100% safe to use.
the complainants in total I received was 15, one person lost $5435.00 usd and the average lost $2600.00 and the website
if one is to register and make an account you can practically make any e-mail like [email protected] and it will say confirmed when you ask it to, there you will see the amount they want you to pay to trade to get on the exchange, good for them, but terrible for the new to trader to a Crypto exchange as that’s about as far as they can go, unless they pay for more, you never get to trade.
Please dont spend money here but the website is .
I would really like to see this site get taken off cloudflare and that account blocked. so if a cloudflare rep sees this , they might do something,


Correct. HTTPS is not a “this site is safe”, it’s “what you see on this website and what you send to this website can’t be intercepted, changed, or viewed by middlemen”.

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That’s good to hear Judge

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