How to Report a Pig Butchering Scam

I realize this has no place here, I just really need some help, if not closure.

on January this year, I fell victim to a pig butchering scam, on a site called If you don’t know what that is, John Oliver has a segment on it on his youtube. All I can say is I’m glad they only took me for 1500 dollars.

I filed an abuse report on the start of February, hoping that Cloudflare would stop helping them mask their IP. The site is still alive and well, the IP still points to Cloudflare.

Did I maybe do something wrong when I filed the report? the form is… complex is one way to put it… does it just take this amount of time? It just really irks me that these douchebags are still able to scam from the shadows and there’s nothing I can really do about it.

thanks for reading.

Correct, the kind of thread you’re making falls out of the scope for, and won’t be something that the Cloudflare Community can assist you with.

That being said, -

Did you receive a confirmation email about that report?

If not, there might be a chance that the case was lost in transmission, in which case I would suggest you to try one more time, if you believe there are anything that the Cloudflare Trust and Safety team can, or should be able to do about it.

We are not aware what you filled in the report, and such other criteria, that would be required to go further with that question.

But again, it falls completely outside the scope (and possibilities) of the Cloudflare Community.

It could maybe be an idea also to contact the relevant law enforcement agency about it?


thanks for your response. I did get a confirmation e-mail. I also contacted law enforcement, but there isn’t much they could do or were willing to do, or maybe a bit of both, idk.

I guess I’ll contact the abuse team again. I imagine they would want to know if cloudflare is helping to provide cover for such illicit activity.

thanks again.

Please don’t. You indicated that you received a confirmation email from your initial report. Submitting a duplicate report will only cause delays in report processing by creating unnecessary redundancy.

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