How to report a Cloudflare hosted site that impersonates me?

Hi everyone! I used to have a blog years ago that I deleted. However, I can see the website still comes up in Google searches and I have now found out that it is hosted on Cloudflare by someone I do not know. However, this is not my domain, but someone must have duplicated it without my permission and is impersonating me online. The affected address is: I am the real Billie and I would like this old & outdated website to be permanently deleted as I never gave anyone permission to put it out there with my content & bio. I do not want old, outdated information of myself pop up on Google in search results (as they currently do!), especially not since this website is not even owned by me. Does anyone know how I can get this removed? I do not know a cloudflare domain and only created this account to get support and help with this issue. Thanks in advance!

Go here…

The community can’t help with such issues, it has to be handled by the Cloudflare Trust and Safety team.

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