How to replace a domain with another one?

I am very new to Cloudflare. Someone else set up my account while they were helping me with my site. I now want to change the domain myself ASAP. Is there a VERY easy step by step video that will help me to change it over? Thank you

You cant replace it, you can only set up the new domain from scratch.

Thank you for the help. So you are saying that I just need to start with a new domain and add that to the site? Will this automatically take the old one off?

No, you will have two sites at that point. Just add the new domain, configure it like the old, remove the old one, and change that domain’s nameservers away from Cloudflare (otherwise someone else could potentially configure your domain on Cloudflare).

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I am lost on this. Someone else set this up for me recently, but now I need to do it myself. Is there a video that will walk me through it?
What I think that I am understanding so far is, go to the currently set up site, add the new domain, then take off the old one?

#tutorials would be a good starting point.

But yes, add the new domain, remove the old one.

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Ok Thanks. I did scan them and didn’t find what I was looking for. I will try it again.

In that case I’d continue at

But what is it that is fundamentally unclear to you and not covered by these two sections?

Since I am SO new to this, the written explanations are difficult to comprehend because I don’t know the lingo. A video walking me through would give me an ah ha! moment as I can see more clearly what is needing to be done. I will continue to search out a step by step video. Thank you

I’d suggest Youtube then. Just stay away from videos suggesting to use Flexible as SSL mode. There are plenty of them and they all got that bit wrong :slight_smile:

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Ok thanks for that bit of info. Too bad that there aren’t correct and quality videos here in this area.

Hi @user2534,

When you add the new site, are you wanting to redirect all visitors from the old site to the new one?

In your account, you will find the ‘add site’ option, you can then follow through entering your new website name. Choose the free plan to start with.
You will then have to change the nameservers on the new domain - you can do this wherever you registered your new domain and they should be able to help with this, Cloudflare will tell you what to change them to. It may then take ~24hrs to work.

This tutorial here is similar to what you are trying to do - Step 1: Adding your domain to Cloudflare.

Once you get to that stage, or if you need any more help - please post back!

Agreed.Its too bad in terms of quality.It really needs to be improved in this area.

Hi @kimberlyrandall572,

Domains are seen as separate in Cloudflare, however I agree it would be nice to have an export/import or copy settings feature to a different site.

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