How to renew my ssl that is expired?

how can I renew the ssl of my website. It was expired in september 2020. What can I do to fix this issue. And, I have a free plan, not premium.
So, is it possible in cloudflare to get free ssl for lifetime?

May I ask what error do you get when visiting your domain which is or isn’t using Cloudflare service, if so?

A great article about setting up an SSL for your domain at Cloudflare can be read in as a step-by-step instruction on the below article:

Below are some suggestions how to troubleshoot or check the settings regarding the SSL at Cloudflare:

Depending how did you get an SSL certificate?
Was it paid one?
Was it generated using a tool like Certbot or Let’s Encrypt (, etc.)?
Was it created via cPanel AutoSSL?

There is an option to create an Cloudflare Origin CA certificate - max. up to 15 years. But, this SSL certificate is being trusted and for web traffic encryption only between Cloudflare and your origin/host server.

  • with it you can have Full SSL (Strict) mode enabled for your domain

Just to note, it also does not cover your e-mail service and you should not use it for your e-mail SSL.

Nevertheless, you should not visit your domain or a sub-domain(s) which are not being proxied via Cloudflare (:orange: clouds) due to Web browser would show an error about SSL certificate not being trusted etc.

More information about Cloudflare Origin CA certificate, creating one and installing it at your host/origin server can be found at the below article:

Thanks. My website link-

I did not received any error message. But, in php admin panel, In ssl section, it shows that my cloudflare ssl certificate has been expired in september 2020. So, Do I need to renew it or no need to do anything?

Do you also use Flexible SSL option in Cloudflare dashboard?

If so, I assume you have used Cloudflare CA Origin Certificate?

I would strongly recommend renewing your SSL certificate.

I take it back. Your server has a self-signed cert that expired. Use the Origin cert @fritexvz suggested.

Yes I am using a flexible ssl option. But, I dont’ know how to check if it’s CA origin certificate or not.
Do I need to pay for renewing it or I can do it with free plan?

Yes. you are right. How to use origin certificate sdayman. please suggest

The posted instructions explain. You create the certificate here, then copy both parts to your cPanel as the instructions show in the “GoDaddy/cPanel” section.

Can you please send the link of manual or guide to create the certificate using cloudflare. And, is it necessary to have a paid version of cloudflare to create the certificate? Or I can do it with free version? Please let me know.

The instructions were in @fritexvz’s original response. You can do this on a free plan.

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