How to rename Cloudflare Teams name

When I initially setup Cloudflare Teams I had no idea what I was doing and put in something random; however, after learning about it more and the world of “Zero Trust Networks” like Cloudflare Teams, Tailscale, Twingate, etc… I want to give Cloudflare Teams a fair shot. However, I cannot for the LIFE OF ME, figure out how to rename my Cloudflare teams account. I was trying to contact customer support as I usually do since my domain is Pro, but just saw that Teams is forum only… so support has been totally unresponsive and right now it seems like my only option is to cancel my subscription to Teams, wait for it to expire, and then start all over again.

Is this what you want?

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So, I guess the name is cached somewhere along the lines as after I changed the name the old name continued to appear in all the apps. After clearing app data, it now shows the updated name.


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