How to remove websites correctly without causing DNS 1001 errors

Hello, I’m having to move all sites on this cloudflare account off of cloudflare and close this account.

Last month we moved 1 website and moved all DNS info to Godaddy, then 12 days later after migrating DNS to godady we deleted the site on cloudflare this resulted in a 1001 error that took the website down even through Godady was serving all DNS

We have to move 1 more site completely - new host, update DNS etc

What is the proper steps to remove Cloudflares ability to affect the website - we need to avoid 1001 errors or website downtime at all costs for this next one.

I’ve been looking around for information but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of info on migrating from cloudflare and closing sites/account.

Appreciate any help as we were so confused how CF was still able to affect the other website for days even though all A records, Cname records were firmly with Goddady for over 2 weeks.

If you encountered a 1001 error, you entered Cloudflare proxy IPs in your GoDaddy DNS instead of the IP of your origin server. In the future you may want to export your zone data from the Cloudflare dashboard DNS app and work from that as, unlike public DNS queries, it will contain your origin IPs.

That’s probably because there is nothing to it. There are only two steps.

  1. Populate zone at new DNS provider
  2. Change nameservers at registrar

Hi @user53117,

Please also check this guide on account closure.

Thank you.

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