How to remove unused Cloudflare DNS zone

unused Cloudflare DNS zone

How to remove an old, unused Cloudflare DNS zone for my domain.

Zones no longer using Cloudflare are auto-removed within a month of two of their deactivation.

Is something not working?

Yes, we are getting infrequent 1016 errors and we show SOA records at Where there is SOA records at and for the domain

I see you’re using Amazon DNS, but the “A” record is pointing to a 162. address on Cloudflare. Was that intentional?

Hmmm…no, I don’t think so. Kinsta is our hosting partner and I know they offer a CDN (which we are using) which is Cloudflare in the background…

That’s the reason, then. They would be your contact point, as they control your Cloudflare setup.

OK, can you please confirm that there are no unused cloudflare DNS zones?

It looks like you were using Ezoic prior to this. Is this true?

Yes we did…regrettably

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Last question, because this seems to be going downhill (not by your doing).

Did you ever have an account on Cloudflare? I suspect the answer is “no” and that you’re at the mercy of Ezoic and Kinsta.

Going downhill fast. :< yes, we did have an account w/ Cloudflare…

I just don’t see that in that domain’s history. Cloudflare does have your domain set up internally with the Jerry and Lina name servers. So I don’t know how that would have happened on your account.

You can certainly email support AT cloudflare DOT com from your (old) Cloudflare account’s email address and see if they can clear it from the system. Post the ticket # here from the autoreply.

We just deleted the A records in Ezoic…does it seem to resolve OK on your side?

It always resolved to that address for me. Now the question is will those 1016 errors go away?

Let’s hope so…it was happening infrequently so I guess we can just see over the next few days and weeks and I can reopen this if it does…ugh, ezoic!

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