How to remove the extension (.html) from the url path

not sure what i’m doing wrong, from what i can see online does Cloudflare auto rewrite the .html to just the name but it doesn’t do that for me, not sure what i’m doing wrong or what i can do to change it, is it maybe because i’m running it on a tunnel? (just


Also maybe i should note that i do have a .htaccess file that should rewrite it, but it doesn’t seem like it’s working over Cloudflare

MAy I ask if you’re usint Transform Rules and Dynamic Rewrite for it, or something else? :thinking:

Could you share what kind of the expression you’re using or trying with?

Should work with dynamic rewrite rule.

May I also ask which Cloudflare plan are you using?

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i have been trying both and doesn’t seem to help, may just be me not understanding how to set it up tho

honestly any at this point, have been trying to get my .htaccess file to work but doesn’t seem like Cloudflare want to use it, also tried with a worker from here but couldn’t get that work work either + most of the rewrite rules

and i’m using the free plan

can it maybe be php? i’m using php to local host and then use a Cloudflare tunnel to get it to my domain

Ok i just found a solution and that is removing the file extension from the file itself, so in this case was the file called “survivor.html” did i just rename to “survivor” with no file extension, it’s a really janky solution but if there’s no other way from the looks of it then it’s what it is