How to Remove query strings from static resources

Hello Team Cloudflare,
Well my problem is with CDN & this is telling me my theme developer…
I got this reply from my theme developer “” All query strings, reported by GTMetrix, are from your CDN. You use CDN to server images and CDN adds query strings.""

And This Too “” The GTMetrix speed metric is broken due to your CDN. You use CDN to serve images. Some of your images are from CDN subdomain

and some are from

CDN uses domains and which is treated by GTMetrix as an issue. “”

Now this is creating a query strings from static resources in my website as Shown in GTMetrix

Pls guide me how to solve this issue…

Cloudflare doesn’t add query strings. They’re coming from or one of your plugins.

But what to say To theme Developer… he is saying about CDN!

Now to whom I contact now ??

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