How to remove non www completly?


Currrently my DNS records I think might be setup a bit strange

I have both

A Name > IP
CNAME - > www

Should I be keeping the non www also which I currently have redirecting to www


Is just having www alone okay?


Should I totally remove the cname www and just have a

A record > IP
A record > www


Thank you for asking.

I am afraid you cannot remove “naked” (root) domain.

You can remove non-www DNS record, but then it would show no A/AAAA record found on the lookup and in case you won’t have it, you couldn’t redirect from non-www to www.
Furthermore, users might experience some issue if they type your domain name in the address bar of their Web browser and end-up “not found” as if they didn’t typed it with “www” prefix.

Rather, if you want only www, then do a redirect of all requests using a Page Rule from non-www to www :wink:

Otherwise, vice-versa, redirect www to non-www.

But, both A www and A @, or CNAME type if you’re using that kind of a setup, should exist in that case to achieve this.

I’d like to have redirect non-www to www. That way, having “one” indexed and crawled removes headache of possible duplicate content and similar issues on Google search.

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