How to remove my wesite from cloudflare?

when I used a free SSL service on my website, it works. but the problem is “this is a Chinese website” when I visit my link, it makes my website very slow . Then I changed the nameserver to the default. but now I can’t visit my website on the Chinese web browser. It shows"Abnormal network connection" . i have removed the plugin “flexible ssl " from my wordpress. but in Cloudflare, my website sitll shows"ACTIVE”。I follow the link from the following tutorial How to remove / delete a website from cloudflare 2017 - YouTube . but i cant find the "advanced " button . Is there any guys can tell me how to remove my website from Cloudflare!

If you have changed the nameservers away from Cloudflare then they are no longer involved and whatever issues you see will have to be fixed elsewhere.

I don’t think you can remove the site if it is the only one in your account.

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