How to remove my website that another users added?



I have my own asp website. That mean i’m the Admin. But another man know my website info, i call that is: HIS

  1. How do I detect who add my website on HIS cloudflare account ?
  2. How do I remove all cloudflare active settings on my asp website, that another man (HIS) settings will not available ?
  3. How do I settings that only my account can add my website ?

  1. Change your password at your registar so only you have access.
  2. Sign up for an account at Cloudflare and change your nameservers to Cloudflare’s.
  3. Don’t share the account information for either with another party.

We can not share information about any other Cloudflare account holder. The way you set up Cloudflare and manage your domain is by demonstrating affirmative control of your domain by changing your nameservers at your registrar.

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