How To Remove Illegal Photos

I have come across several websites hosted by Cloudflare that are displaying stolen photos. These photos were never sent to anyone so it is safe to assume they are a result of a hacking. I called Customer Support and they told me in order to get help, I have to start an account. I would really appreciate any help in having the pages with the photos removed. I’ve contacted the users themselves and most of them have complied except for a couple. Please help.

Have you tried this page?

I have sent a few reports. I’m trying to go through every available process. I’ll try again. It’s been very tough since almost everyone that I can contact says I have to contact the hosting provider. And it shows Cloudflare as that provider.

Unless they’re using Cloudflare Pages, then Cloudflare isn’t the host.

Cloudflare is under the Name Servers on the WhoIs page of two of the websites. I can’t link them here.

Cloudflare is a proxy that sits between the browser and the actual server hosting the photos.

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Please read the link I posted.

Cloudflare doesn’t host web content and cannot remove content from a website. Cloudflare complies with valid copyright complaints when receiving complaint proof from the copyright holder or authorized agent for the copyright holder. When presented with a valid complaint, Cloudflare provides information about the web hosting provider.


Thank you for the help. I’m trying to go about all options.

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I’m unsure what a proxy is. I’ll have to find out.

Basically, it is not hosted but instead stored temporarily across an edge network for better site speed. Also, get the benefit in Cloudflare case of firewall protections, DDoS.

Just a basic explanation, could be better but just trying to put another point of view on this, most of the answers were great and spot on.

Your issue I bet will be even if Cloudflare kicked them off their services, they exist and then more than likely use hosting that does not care for complaints or C&D, these dudes that steal and content scrape use these types of hosting sadly…

I wish you luck, just reality the net is a terrible place when it comes to enforcement and people doing the wrong thing.

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