How to remove HTTPS to HTTP

Hello, I am a cloudflare newbie with limited technical knowledge. I keep getting a redirect error. I set my website to Full mode (previously it was on strict mode) and also made sure my website was redirected correctly I read what I might need to do is: remove the HTTPS to HTTP or HTTP to HTTPS redirects from your origin web server configuration. I have no idea how to do this or where to do it at. If anyone can please help me I would be grateful!

What’s the website?

And that was the right mode. Set it back to Strict. If you get a certificate issue you need to fix the issue on your server.

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Are you saying it should be set to “Full (strict)” all the time?

Of course.

Or “Off”. :wink:

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Good point, very true, yes, Sir, you are absolutely right on that.

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