How to remove DS-Record to transfer domain to Cloudflare

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I’m trying to transfer my domain from over to Cloudflare. So far I managed to update the nameservers, however I then got an email from Cloudflare explaining that " Your domain failed to move over to Cloudflare because you still have to remove your DS-Record. If you do not remove it, your website may not work as expected."

I contacted my registrars support but they didn’t seem to know what to do to resolve the issue - it probably didn’t help that I’m a complete newbie to this stuff of course :slight_smile:

I assumed Cloudflare are correct and there is a DS-Record in place on my domain but I’m not sure what to do in order to get it removed? If anyone has any suggestions I’d really appreciate it!

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This is DNSSEC. It’s set at two ends: The domain registrar, and your DNS host.

DS records are at the registrar. You’ll have to disable DNSSEC for that domain at the registrar.


Thank you so much for such a speedy response!

Should I ask the support folks at to disable DNSSEC for the domain?

My goal is to move the domain over to Cloudflare so that they are my registrar but I’ve never moved a domain before - total newbie here :slight_smile:

You definitely need to disable DNSSEC whenever you change name servers. Disabling it at One is a good start, and might be enough. If they’re also your registrar, then that should take care of it.

Ok I’ll ask them to disable DNSSEC for my domain - it’s a shame they don’t seem to provide a way for their customers to do this like many other registrars but hopefully it’s something their support team can handle.

Thanks so much for all your help!

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So I’ve now bad confirmation that my domain has been activated with Cloudflare, however it seems like I cannot use Cloudflare as my registrar.

I’m not sure if domains are supported or it could be that I renewed my domain within the past 60 days?

Sorry for the confusion. No, Cloudflare Registrar can’t accept, but Cloudflare Services can proxy that domain. You still need to disable DNSSEC before you switch to use Cloudflare services for your domain. Once you have Cloudflare enabled for your domain, you can re-enable DNSSEC.

Thank you that’s really helpful!!

I think for now I’m going to transfer the domain to another registrar, as partly I’m just trying to reduce the cost of having the domain. Once it’s with Hover I might then revisit enabling Cloudflare DNS - it looks like that’ll be a lot easier as well as they give you control over DNSSEC directly.

Thank you again for all your assistance - really appreciate it!!

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