How to remove domain whois protection so we can get an OV certificate?

To get an Organisation Verified certificate for our domain, they require to be able to access the contact details in Whois for the domain. Cloudflare seems to be missing the critical feature to be able to disable the whois protection (aka redacted whois). Is the only solution to transfer from Cloudflare, to another registrar supports this feature (and therefore OV certificates), such as porkbun or godaddy?

To directly answer your question, the API docs suggest this can be done here, setting privacy to false.

A couple of things to bear in mind though, there is not much benefir to OV certs, most browsers don’t display them any differently and many sites have moved away from them. Troy Hunt has some good background on that. If you still determine you need an OV cert then be aware that if your site is proxied through Cloudflare, the cert wouldn’t be displayed to visitors unless you uploaded it as a custom cert (requires the Business plan).


Thanks for the reply. Adobe AEM Sites requires OV certs, unfortunately. We dont use Cloudflare proxy features, we only use it for DNS.
Its a shame Cloudflare dont sell SSL certificates (which can be installed on external systems).

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