How to remove CloudFlare SSL?

How can I remove the Cloudflare SSL?

I’m no an expert on server and stuff like that so I want to install a Let’s Encrypt SSL 'cause is automatic on my host (siteground).

But I can’t remove the Cloudflare SSL, I tried the “Disable Universal SSL” but it didn’t work, 'cause this is the message that appears in my host:


Please somebody help me, I’m very dumb and stupid so there’s no problem if Im doing something wrong

To do this you would need to upgrade to the business plan ($200/month), then under Crypto click ‘Upload Custom SSL certificate’, and copy/paste the keys created by Lets Encrypt into Cloudflare. Then the Cloudflare server will be serving the Lets Encrypt certificate to visitors.

Note you would need to manually update the keys every year when the expire, as your Lets Encrypt control panel doesn’t automatically update the Cloudflare server.

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In addition to what @michael42 covered, there’s usually no compelling reason to put your own certs on Cloudflare.

Also remember that you are using a Partner setup, and Siteground is in charge of your Cloudflare setup.

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