How to remove cloudflare from a site we dont have access to on cloudflare

We are showing that this site is connected to cloudflare. We dont have access to a cloudflare account as it could have been done by an old website support person. We have checked that the nameservers are not pointed to cloudflare and that the A record is pointing to the site, and there are no other DNS records that indicate cloudflare. How can we remove cloudflare if we dont have access to the cloudflare account it was originally connected to. We have access to the DNS records and the site is hosted with godaddy. It is currently causing issues with us being able to use buffer to schedule blog posts.

If the nameservers are not pointing to Cloudflare, and none of the DNS records are pointing to Cloudflare, what is the specific issue?

In most situations, once the name servers are moved away from Cloudflare the domain will become inactive and be deleted automatically. You could go through the account recovery process, but that seems pointless if all you want to do is delete the domain, as that will happen if you do nothing.

Can you share the domain name?

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The issue is that our social media person is not able to post blogs and get the featured image to show. She contacted them and said that it was being blocked by Cloudflare. The domain is lizwindisch dot com and I can see it still has cloudflare listed here builtwith

I should have said what technical issue are you having? Why do you think Cloudflare is involved?

FYI: There is a configuration issue with your Wordpress and it is generating invalid URLs for some images (you are missing a slash in the middle of .comwp-content):


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