How to remove cloudfare ssl

Hello i need help how to remove cloudfare ssl and use my own is it possible? if yes how i can make it?
thanks for answers

You have two options.

  1. Unproxy the record in question and connect directly to your server
  2. Upgrade to a Business plan, which allows you to upload your own certificates

But why do you need to do that? The Universal SSL certificate works just fine.

i wanna use pterodactyl panel and this panel needs own certificate.
cant load cloudfare ssl and make errors.

You need a certificate on your server anyhow, but that can be any. You can use Let’s Encrypt or Cloudflare’s own Origin certificates. Both are for installation on your server.

i wanna lets encrypt ssl but web always catch ssl from cloudfare :confused: and didnt work

In that case an Origin certificate might be the best choice.

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