How to remove analytics tracking on Cloudflare Pages

I have uploaded my static site to Cloudflare Pages, I’m seeing a tracking snippet
<!-- Cloudflare Pages Analytics --><script defer src='' data-cf-beacon='{"token": "(redacted)"}'></script><!-- Cloudflare Pages Analytics --></body> in which I wish removed, I turned off web analytics, cleared cache, and switched to a new browser profile, but the script block still exists.
Is tracking forced on Cloudflare Pages, with no option to opt out?


I believe you can disable automatic set-up for Web Analytics.

You may have to “Add Site” first before you can " Disable automatic setup .".

Even if web analytics shows as not enabled at Worker & Pages > (PagesProject) > Manage > Web Analytics, the script block remains regardless of the domain name, or the status of the automatic setup.