How to remove an old new relic app installed?



so just a few hours ago before the new apps published I enabled new relic app on the old system, anyway there is some bugs and I cant see any data on new relic dashboard and now I want to stop using it, but I cant find this app anywhere(not even clicking on installed apps tab)

I can confirm by looking at the source code that the new relic app is installed, so how I disable it? thanks :slight_smile:


You should see a gray banner at the top of the apps page which says โ€œYou have xx app(s) installed using the legacy Cloudflare Apps store.โ€ With a link to view. If you donโ€™t please open a support ticket and include the domain in question and the app name.


Thanks submited a ticket I can confirm there is no banner\message or anything about legacy apps

I tried cleaning my cache not help

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