How to remove all un-assigned sub-domains or redirect them to a custom url


I assigned a few sub-domains on Cloudflare panel but I see there is an infinite unassigned subdomains.
for example, put type anything before “” and it can be the working sub-domain

for example, ( totally random )

please help me with this to get rid of all sub-domain expect assigned sub-D on Cloudflare or can it’s possible to redirect all on a custom URL so it can be very easy for me.

I am using Cloudflare’s free plan !!

What you are looking for is not possible.
The reason is that when a user types in a url the browser preforms a DNS lookup for that and if it doesn’t exist then it will not connect, because it does not know where to connect. The best you could do would be using a page rule as a redirect with a wildcard, but it would only cover any subdomain that goes through Cloudflare.

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