How to remove a site that is not 'ACTIVE' and never will be

I did the first step into adding a domain. But the domain was spelled incorrectly, so it is not my domain and never will be. I have it under ‘Set Up’ status. The next step would be select a Plan, but I will never select a Plan as explained before.
I do not see any option to cancel the process.
How to remove it?

To remove a domain, go to the bottom of your Overview tab in the Cloudflare Dashboard.

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Before you can remove it you will need to select a plan to finish the setup. Then simply follow through on @Withheld’s suggestion.

In which way is it not correct? You need to select a plan, otherwise you cant remove it. Simples!

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Thank you. I completed the registration and then was able to delete.

It is correct, it was me. Thanks.