How to remove a card from payment?

I went into billing and tried to press Delete. But I get an error Internal Server 1000
I so understand, in Cloudflare freaks want to steal violently someone else’s money and don’t allow me to delete the card?

Hi @eurovedu, sorry for the difficulty, If you’re still seeing the issue, can login and contact support to let them know? Please provide the screenshot you’ve attached here and a HAR file How do I generate a HAR file?

If you are/were charged for services you don’t receive, the billing team will correct that. There is no bad intent behind the error.

Yes, the problem repeats itself. And I have already written off the payment for the month. I don’t get any support. My money stolen. Damn the day I started working with this company. You’ll never get a penny from me again. And all my friends will know about it.

Hi @eurovedu, please share the ticket number and I’ll follow up with support. WRT payment, in the ticket pls state the issue, you won’t be charged for services you don’t receive.

My question in support of " Give me my money
Request #1622325 " Support responded only 1 time yesterday. Nobody gives me back the money.

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Thank you, I see the Technical Support Engineer escalated the ticket to our Billing department and they will follow-up with you. I’ve added myself to the ticket in order to track progress.


Thanks for your help. I hope this issue will be resolved

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I see the engineer has issued the credit. It appears the card could not be removed until the active subscriptions were canceled. Sorry for the inconvenience, let support know if any other issues.


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