How to registrar on whois nameserver for my domain registered with Cloudflare


I recently migrated one of my domain on which I have a large number of NAMESERVERS duly registered with the central whois.

Today I want to register two new NAMESERVERS and I don’t see where I can do it. (Also they are named Child Nameservers)

It’s not about configuring dns, please.

It’s simple, a NAMESERVER XXXX.domain.tld must be registered as such, like the one below … (simulated data)

$ whois
Server Name: NS1091.MYDOMAIN.NET
IP Address:
Register: CloudFlare, Inc.
Register WHOIS Server:
Register URL:

Sorry, but I don’t know any other way to do this then. WHOIS is for apex domains.

On every registrar is simple.

The domain (fake domain and tld) is recently transferred from other registrar to Cloudflare. Today i like add 2 GLUE HOST or NAMESERVERS. I can not or I don’t know how to it.

  1. Go to domain on registrar,
  2. Go to menu create CHILD NAMESERVER, or GLUE HOST and register new nameserver with two questions:
  • FQDN
  • IP

After several seconds, domain is registered.

But Not it cloudflare. That is the question.

A child name server isn’t for a subdomain. It’s for the domain itself. If your domain is here, it’s using Cloudflare name servers and doesn’t need child name servers.

But if you want a “vanity” name server ( to resolve your own domain (, that can only be done on a Business or Enterprise plan.

Just to confirm, your goal is to be able to point other domains to nameservers that you control, but that happen to be on a domain hosted by Cloudflare?



I’ve a domain, registrar on Cloudflare now, but this domain, has any records A that point a NAMESERVER for servers or customer that not use CLOUDFLARE NAMESERVERS.

I like or need, REGISTRAR (is not necessary for work, but is RECOMMMENDED) this GLUE HOST or NAMESERVERS.

Got it. Technically this isn’t glue (although many registrars intermix the UIs and concepts), but Cloudflare’s registrar does not currently support registering nameservers.


Ok I imagine. A shame. I recently started migrating my domains to CloudFlare, but like this, I am not interested. I’ll go back to the old registrar. Greetings and thank you.

Keep in mind that this only really matters for domains where you actually use nameservers for other domains. You can still do subdomain delegations.

Personally, I have my main zone registered elsewhere due to the feature set, but I’m bringing many other domains over with more basic registrar needs.

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