How to register into a team with Linux and warp-cli?

I simply want to register my linux device with my organization (or a team as its called in the cli)

> warp-cli teams-enroll teamname
Warning: The "teams-enroll" command will be deprecated in a future release. Please use "registration initialize-token-callback" instead

This recommended command does not register, so how is it an alternative

> warp-cli registration initialize-token-callback --help
Registers the browser token callback without actually registering

Usage: warp-cli registration initialize-token-callback

Its also not even documented

Registration settings

Usage: warp-cli registration <COMMAND>

  show          Show information about the current registration
  new           Register this client, replacing any existing registration (Must be run before first connection!)
  delete        Delete current registration
  organization  Get the name of the current Teams organization
  devices       Display the list of devices associated with the current registration
  license       Attach the current registration to a different account using a license key
  help          Print this message or the help of the given subcommand(s)

I don’t understand, how do I register myself with an organization? How do I change between multiple organizations?

Also this is all from the CLI, so how do I register without a browser??

Couple of easy steps

  1. Go to https://<team> and authenticate.
  2. On the ‘Success’ page in the browser, right click and ‘Inspect’ the blue ‘Open Cloudflare WARP’ button. Copy the long token that’s shown linked to the button, and then type the following into a command prompt on the remote server: warp-cli teams-enroll-token https://<team><token you copied>.

Can probably replace teams-enroll-token with registration initialize-token-callback


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