How to regenerate universal SSL?

I disabled the universal certificate provided by Cloudflare and wanted to reactive it but it is showing deleted, then I paid for advance certificate but I want to reactive free Universal SSL, How can I do that?

Anyone have solutions?

My app have thousands of active users, can anyone help me to reactive universal certificate? I have to orderd advance certificate but I want to reissue universal certificate.

Hello there,

Did you try re-enabling from your dashboard? SSL->Edge Certificate->Universal SSL.
More on SSL, its here:

Yes I re-enable certificate but still it is showing deleted. @neiljay


You may want to try this (changing the Universal SSL CA using the API):

This will switch your CA from the one that you’re actually using to GTS.

If it doesn’t work, you’ll probably need to open a support ticket:

Then, post the ticket number below. Don’t know if sending an email to [email protected] will still work…

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