How to reduce TTL to a value lower than 2 minutes?


my company has a use case for which the minimum TTL value offered at Cloudflare DNS (2 minutes) is still too high for us.

Our monitoring system uses Cloudflare API to update DNS entries in order to redistribute MySQL database and Redis storage requests to the other server automatically when the timeout is detected, and it’s done within 30 seconds from the downtime, so 2 minutes TTL is a bottleneck for our high availability.

Is there a way to have a lower TTL for certain A and AAAA entries (like 30 or 10), including upgrading to a paid plan for a domain? If it’s not available at free plan, which plan would make that available for us?

We don’t use Cloudflare CDN because we distribute our static content over different CDN networks, and our HTML is generated automatically by PHP (it’s not static). We use DNS only.

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