How to reduce the amount of cache to zero?

After several months of various experiments, we came to the conclusion that cache has a great effect on the amount of RPM
But we can not reduce this amount of cache to zero. In the last three days, without any change in cache settings, its amount has increased and has had a great impact on Adsense revenue. Is there a solution that will reduce the amount of cache to zero?

Hi @hamedizadi84,

Looking at your site’s homepage, nothing is cached there. Do you have any subdomains that could have items stored in cache?

We do not have any subdomains and everything is on the main domain of the website. In the chart below you can see the amount of cache impact on our revenue.

I don’t know much about Adsense, but how is Cloudflare caching affecting your ads? They are loaded from external sources and so the adverts would not be cached by Cloudflare.

I think thats just a wrong/missleaded conclusion.
How did you came to this conclusion?

Howevery 1 or two PageRules your be enough.


There is no need for the third one. Maybe the first (**) is enough already, but dont know if it includes the root-domain.

Actually thats wrong! Noone can see that. You are showing a chart but I can not see any informations on about what it shows and where the relation between this chart, your revenue and CloudFlare Caching is.

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