How to Reduce Server Response Time?

Without SSL, my domain is very fast, just loads in 3 Sec. But after added to Cloudflare, my website server response time show 2.5 sec and website loads in 7 sec.
I have done everything that I can to increase my website speed, and I am still getting a reduce server response time issue.
My website is if anyone can help.


Your site is taking a very long time to load in Brazil, even after hitting refresh key a few times to make sure assets are cached at the closest CF datacenter.

It appears the initial culprit is Rocket Loader. It seems that somehow Rocket Loader is deferring the loading of the generated HTML itself! I’d suggest you open a support ticket, but while you wait, turn off Rocket Loader to see if that makes any difference.EDIT: let me add that this is just my best guess, it may as well be caused by other factors, perhaps your content security headers. But what I see is that the generated HTML takes a long time to return a 200 HTTP status, which is unusual.

Also, though you use Cloudflare for many assets, you are are also using to host your images, which in my view is not necessary. You may prefer to have all your images cached by Cloudflare instead, specially if you are on the Pro Plan or higher, since you will be able to use Polish and Mirage, two image optimization features. But as long as you maintain your jpeg/webp images at, you should not activate caching of HTML by Cloudflare, something that otherwise would help speed up the loading of your site, but will cause issues with webp images not served by Cloudflare itself, as you can see in this recent thread.

I’d suggest also you have a look at “preconnect”, an HTTP/2 hint that can speed up the loading of files hosted by third party, such as fonts, analytics etc. It helps by reducing the time it takes to connect and negotiate SSL with hosts, and is much more effective than the more common hint “dns prefetch”.


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