How to Reduce DNS lookups

Hi all,
I am not very technical and my web host has told me they’ve done as much as they can to help improve my site speed at this point. I am using GTMetrix to test my site and I am hoping to improve site speed by about 2 seconds.

I am looking at the recommendations, all of which are over my head, unfortunately. I heard CloudFlare is the place to go for this though - [Reduce DNS lookups]

These are my YSlow results:

[Add Expires headers] F (34) SERVER HIGH
[Use cookie-free domains] F (10) COOKIE LOW
[Reduce DNS lookups] F (20) CONTENT LOW
[Make fewer HTTP requests] C (72) CONTENT HIGH

Please, if I am able to easily update any of these via CloudFlare, I’d love any tips or step-by-step instructions if it’s easy enough for a noob. (: Thank you!

Most likely, not. Those are often due to third party resources on your site:
Expires Headers (Cloudflare cached resources has these, so it’s probably stuff not from your domain)
Cookie-free domains (Ok, Cloudflare adds cookies, but they don’t add noticeable overhead)
Reduce DNS lookups (Lots of third party resources from different domains require all these DNS lookups)
Fewer HTTP requests (Just lots of resources on your page)

If you posted a link to the GTMetrix test, or your domain name, we can give more detailed suggestions.

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Thanks so much! It’s /reports/ .
Thanks for taking a look and any feedback. I’d have to think there’s a way to get my site speed under 3 seconds. Hopefully? Thanks again!

The GTMetrix Waterfall view shows Facebook as a pretty big slowdown.

However, in my own browser, its the page itself that’s slowing things down. If your WordPress site isn’t using a Page Caching plugin, I highly recommend it. WP Fastest Cache is fast and simple. Others like using W3TC.

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Hi and thanks! I am too non-technical for this I think. I tried to use the WP Fastest Cache plugin and it had me do something weird on the CDN tab for CloudFlare and now my GTMetrix went down lower and worse than where it was. I did have the plugin already but I updated it and tried to do what it prompted me to do with CloudFlare integration.

A question - if the page itself is slowing things down, is this due to the theme or the images on the site or something else or a combination? Wondering if there’s any easy way to get past this. Thanks again for your time and help!

This is the new GTMetrix report by the way:

I’d avoid the CDN tab for now. Just go with the basic page caching.

The site looks much faster now. Content-wise, it’s a lot of data. Next step would be to optimize the images. The TinyJPG plugin does a pretty good job for free.

Though I’m using Robin more these days:

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Thanks! I really appreciate all your time, knowledge and kindness in helping. I installed the TinyPNG but so far I’m not seeing an improvement in my scores.

It looks like I’m at the mercy of a few things I’m far from understanding…

[Defer parsing of JavaScript] - Any idea how to improve this?

|[Add Expires headers]|F (12)|SERVER|HIGH| -
From your earlier comments, I cannot impact this one (unless I disassociate my site with the external sites I’m linking to- is that correct?

|[Make fewer HTTP requests]|F (48)|CONTENT|HIGH|
When you said lots of resources on my page - are any of those things I can control?

|[Use cookie-free domains]|F (5)|COOKIE|LOW| - Can I control this at all?

|[Reduce DNS lookups]|F (30)|
Is this again something I cannot impact on my site and I’m just at the mercy of third parties related to my content or advertising etc.?

Generally speaking, can I improve any of those above? Either with a plugin or removing content, etc.

Also the Waterfall report you mentioned - I’ve looked at it but that is also very far over my head. Would it be worthwhile to remove Facebook from the sidebar of the website? Is there any way to compress that instead?

Thanks again Sdayman - I am so grateful for your help. :slight_smile:

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