How to redirect to

Hi everyone!

I have a web page on and No matter what I type in, it always shows the same page.

I would like that users who type in their browsers be redirected to and that this address (without www) is the one visible in their browsers after redirect.

Is that something that can be done in Cloudflare DNS settings and how?
Thanks to everyone who answers. :slight_smile:

It looks like both of those hostnames are set up through Cloudflare :orange: already, so you need to create one page rule.

Forwarding URL (301 or 302) to$1

The $1 makes sure that if they have bookmarks or links to a path on www they will be redirected to the same path on non-www.

With :orange: on the www site, the Page Rule will catch requests to www and forward them to non-www.

Great! Works like a charm! :slight_smile: Thanks a zillion! :+1:

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