How to redirect website traffic

Recently, I’ve registered the domain on Cloudflare.
Seems to be working just fine, with the exception that I can’t redirect visitors from the main domain to (where my google site is) without cutting off the traffic to my iCloud mailserver.
So whenever someone tries to punch in my address, they only get the error 404, because they haven’t put the subdomain along with it.
But if I create a page rule, not only do I get Error 1004, but also I would cut off any connection form or to my mail address.
Has anyone got an idea, how I can resolve this?

I see is a CNAME to google.

Cloudflare services only work on records that are proxied. Currently there are no records for

To redirect create an AAAA record with the value 100:: so you can use Redirects as per this documentation

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Wait, how do I do that?
I have literally no experience whatsoever…

Do you know how to search?

Cloudflare has documentation such as

And Tutorials like

In addition to the resources already provided, the first example in this reference topic should help.

As indicated earlier by @anon9246926, you will need to create a :orange: proxied AAAA record for that contains the special discard prefix address 100::. That will cause Cloudflare to publish the appropriate records to get visitors to the Cloudflare proxy where the redirect will then be applied.


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