How to redirect transparently a domain to another

I would like to redirect transparently a domain to another, both are in Cloudflare.

For example, redirect to I would like the url to stay in the browser, not to be replaced by the destination domain, but provide the same content as the destination domain would do.

I tried Rules, but i allows only to redirect with a change of domain url. I couldn’t find a way to keep the original domain name.

Can I use CNAME for this?


Thank you for asking.

In that case, I’d suggest using:

  1. Transform Rules → URL Rewrite
  2. Cloudflare Workers to fetch and load another website’s content.

For CNAME, I am not 100% but you might have an issue and see an error as far as you would CNAMEing :orange: domain to :orange: domain :thinking:

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