How to redirect to www?


Please advise how and where to set a redirect so all requests to would redirect to (with www). And I mean not just one url but all the requests to any url that are without www.

Thanks in advance.

Create a redirect rule here…

Copy this example exactly, just changing the host names…

Then you need to create a DNS record for @ here…
…using a proxied dummy value of A or AAAA 100::


Thanks for quick reply! But both your links redirects me to my account dashboard (not site dashboard).

You need to click the domain name, then the link will take to you the right page.


Thanks! I created (see attached screenshot). But redirect doesn’t work.

and created A record. still doesn’t work

The redirect is working ok (you may want to check the “Preserve query string” box to ensure query strings are included in any redirect), see…

You may need to clear your browser cache or use incognito/private mode to check it works at your end if you’ve previously visited the link and it’s cached in your browser.

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