How to redirect to HTTPS before redirect?

I would like to redirect (non-secure) to (secure), then redirect to

Use case: I want to add my domain to HSTS preload list.

Problem: HSTS requires that I redirect from HTTP to HTTPS with same domain first, before redirect to other domain.
Currently, if I add a CNAME for @ pointing to, and enable Always HTTPS, then the CNAME rule is applied and Cloudflare redirect directly to, without redirect to first.

How can I config for this use case?

Can you share your domain and also a screenshot of the Redirect / Page Rule you have created for the redirect?

Hi @Laudian, here is the domain and config:


Page rule for HTTP to HTTPS:

It is the first rule in the page rule list.
(I cannot include the rule list here since I can only include one image per post).

That seems to work exactly as you intend to:

curl -v

curl -v
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Ah, you’re correct. I check on my PC it doesn’t has same results as yours, but after I run ipconfig /flushdns then I see the expected header.
It seems Windows cached the DNS query before I config the rules, and serves that cache when I check it later.
So it’s working fine now. Thank you for the support.

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