How to redirect to another host

Hi Team

Since we are using free, we are unable to configure WWW for our subdomains. - Working fine - not working due to the reason domain is deep

Is there a way that we can redirect from to

I assume you are talking about If you want www for the subdomain, you need to purchase advance certificate. For more info, check the doc:

I’m not able to reproduce that error. It’s working for me.

Redirect is already set. If you’re still facing issue, let us know.

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Sorry, it’s my bad. Typo error.

Yes, i would like to redirect to

Can’t we do it without getting Advanced certificates? Like through redirection rules.

You need to first cover certificate for .

As far as I know, its No.

You may set redirections. But it will land you in certificate error leading you to ‘subdomain too deep error’. Read here for more info:


Okay got it. Thanks for your response.

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