How to redirect to a different landing page


I am trying to set up one of my domains to open a different page on my website. and opens the english home page but i would like to change the .nl domain to open the dutch home page.

any info would be great.

That is something you need to implement on your server side I am afraid. Cloudflare can’t do anything in this context. At best you could add a Worker script which detects the user’s country and performs a redirect to another URL.

Thank you for your quick reply, I shall as my server provider.
Out of interest how to you set up the redirect?

With a Worker script? Using the APIs mentioned at You can take the country from the request object and send the redirect with the response object.

After speaking to my server provider, this is something i cant do with them.
Is it possible to forward my domain to as this it the dutch homepage on my website?

Precisely, you need to do this server-side.

That is aforementioned redirect, which you could implement with a Worker script. Please see my earlier response for details. Keep in mind Workers are paid if you exceed the free limit.

I think i have sorted a simpler way using page rules.
I’ve forwarded the .NL url to the .com NL home page.
It just shows .com in the address bar, which isn’t a problem.

If it is just the .nl domain, page rules will be the easiest approach. My understanding was you wanted to redirect based on the country.

Sorry, I’m new to all this and probably didn’t explain it correctly but thank you for all the help as it made me research this and find an answer

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