How to redirect my main domain name but not my subdomains

I’m trying to figure out how to only redirect my main domain name to another domain name and not by subdomains. eg redirect ‘mycompanydotcom’ to ‘mynewcompanydotcom’ but keep ‘subdomaindotmycompanynamedotcom’ which is setup as a c-name still pointing to the same place. Ie I’m not sure if a standard redirection on my domain name ill make all my subdomains go to my new web address too which is not what i want to happen. TIA

Are you trying to do it with Page Rules or Bulk Redirects? Should be simple with either.

Page Rules, just use the domain name, not * (will match subdomains only) or * (will match apex domain and subdomains)

For Bulk Redirects just don’t check the “include subdomains” checkbox

Always test with temporary redirects (302/307) first as bad permanent redirects getting cached in browsers can ruin your day

Thank you for your prompt assistance. This solves my problem.

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