How to redirect from one url to another

I’d like to set up the following:

  • Redirect from one url (url1) to another (url2)
  • When the page renders, I’d like to show url1 on the address line, not url2.
    Is this possible? If so, how?
    I have attempted the first part be setting up a Redirect Rule, but I’m getting a 404, even though I have confirmed url2 is valid and presenting the page properly.
    The Redirect Rule is set up with URL Full equals url1, then Static / url2 / 301.
    Thanks for your help as to what I need to change to get this going properly.

No. That is not a redirect. A redirect tells the client to request a different URL. Cloudflare has no out-of-the-box support for URL masking. You may be able to write something using Cloudflare Workers, or, depending on your application, you may find that Cloudflare for SaaS is suitable.


I understand that the answer to my second question is no can do.
I don’t understand the answer to my first question though. Why am I getting a 404 on my current setup, and how do I set up the redirect rule in order to avoid that?
Thank you.

Without any specifics, your questions cannot be answered.

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Happy to provide whatever information is necessary. That said, I have made other posts where links are not permitted and had to be removed in order for the post to be made. In fact, yes, after providing all the info, including the links, the post was rejected until I removed the links. Here are the responses to your questions:

  1. Domain: . I am the owner of the domain.
  2. What I want to do is have url1 () to forward to url2 (). What’s happening is that the redirect I described previously is leading to a 404 error.
  3. I made this post, providing the information I believe would be required for others to advise, and the additional information requested.

  1. See above. That’s all I’m seeing.
  2. I have not contacted Cloudflare support. I’m on the free plan, so it is not available to me, to my understanding.
    Thank you.

Thanks for the additional information. The domain names are the most important part of all the listed info. This will allow us to see what is really happening.

You can write them creatively to avoid them being automatically converted into links.

  • example[.]com
  • example dot com

Domain = smartbookingbot dot com
url1 = smartbookingbot dot com slash ns
url2 = smartbookingbotlp dot now dot site slash home

Thanks for sharing. Your domain is set to :grey: DNS Only. For any rules to operate, the hostname must be :orange: Proxied.

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After turning on proxy, and going to url1, I now get:

This page isn’t working

redirected you too many times.


Most importantly confirm the following:

  1. Make sure that your site works properly over HTTPS when set to :grey: DNS Only.
  2. Make sure that your SSL Mode is set to Full (Strict).

You can click the automatically linked text in your reply.

It links to a Community Tutorial that explores more possible causes of redirect loops. Usually they are related to the two items I listed above.

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[quote=“acceleratebusinessse, post:11, topic:528576”]

This page isn’t working

redirected you too many times.

Check that the redirect rule is not redirecting from url2 back to url1. If it is, you’ll need to modify the rule to prevent this circular redirection.

Here is the redirect setup:

Please advise. Thank you.

I already answered this in an earlier reply.

Yes, I received and acted upon that recommendation:

What now?
Thank you.

You need to rework the match side of your rule. It is not being matched by your request which means it is sent to your origin server which has no content at that URL and returns the 404 accordingly.

Try adjusting your match portion after reading the following.

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That did it, thank you.

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