How to recover deleted sites and it $200 plan

I added a Website and purchased a $200 plan, but I accidentally deleted the site. How can I recover the deleted site?And recover the $200 plan

+Add a Site - Add it back to your account. I imagine you’ll need to re-select the plan, but let us know what you see once it’s back in your account.

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I was added it back,but the plan is not.Could you help me?

Hi @6966639,

Once you have deleted your domain, it cancels your plan which generates a credit to your account which will apply to your next monthly recurring invoice. So you would need to re-order the plan at this time.


Thank you very much.I gotta it.But when I re-order the plan at that time , I cost extra 103$. Now,how can I refund the Credit balance in my account?

How long ago did you purchase the $200 plan (before you deleted the site)?

Hi @6966639,

The system is designed so that the credit applied to your account when you deleted the domain, will apply to your next monthly invoice, so your actual payment would be subtracting that credit, and you would only pay the uncovered portion of that invoice with your payment method on file. So if for example you had a credit of $50, and your next monthly fee is $200, the credit would 1st apply and your payment method on file would only be charged $150.

If you have a ticket created from within your account we can reply to you with the exact numbers for your account and not the example above.

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